[artist unknown]
This is the website for a research project that intends to explore the socio-cultural meanings made around graffiti / streetart, created and located in one city. Whilst a range of studies examine graffiti as an (anti-) social cultural practice (Ross, 2016; Avramidis & Tsilimpounidi, 2016), there is limited work using new literacies (Street, 1997) as a lens for exploring streetart’s contribution to a city’s ‘textual landscape’ (Carrington, 2005). I position graffiti writing as a multimodal (Kress, 2009) literacy practice, situated within in a particular local and cultural context. Whilst recent work has encouraged taking a multimodal perpective on graffiti (Edwards-Vandenhoek, 2016) this has only been on the basis of the analysis of still photographic images, and therefore I intend to extend this approach to involve the voices and insights of other participants. Work which takes a new literacies approach to graffiti is sparse, the exceptions being DaSilva-Iddings, McCafferty, & Teixeira da Silva’s (2011) analysis of ‘graffiti literacies’ in the Vil Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil, MacGillivray and Curwen’s (2007) consideration of ‘tagging as an act of social literacy’ and Aguilar’s (2000) work which frames ‘graffiti as a public literacy practice’. It is notable that none of these examples are drawn from a UK context which, given the situated nature of the literacies involved, suggests that this project could generate new insights into the practices involved here.

More details on the project can be found here.

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